Chatear allows you to chat with our random chat tool, free of charge and without registration. Our mission is to be a service similar to Omegle where you can have fun and enjoy your time. Respecting the rules and regulations of our videochat is very important.

All of the following activities are prohibited in Chatear.

  • Use Chatear under the age of 18 years.
  • Spreading vulgar, sexual or depressive comments.
  • Degrading another person because of his or her religion, race, gender, sexual orientation and/or age.
  • Harassing or showing disrespect to other users.
  • It is forbidden to show the bare chest without the face appearing on the screen.
  • Chatear by video completely naked or in underwear.
  • Asking for or forcing virtual sex.showing your private parts while you are on camera.
  • Touching your private parts and showing them on camera.
  • Focus the camera below the chest.
  • Display a text message on the video screen to direct users.
  • Display an image on the video screen to direct users.
  • Display your computer screen to direct users.
  • Use a webcam emulator to direct users.
  • Display any video/image/text ad.
  • Ask Chatear users to vote for any URL or promote your products.
  • Using the website to promote or facilitate human trafficking, sex trafficking, physical abuse or prostitution.


You can file a complaint against anyone on Chatear if you believe they are violating our rules. Sending a screenshot with your complaint will make it easier and faster for us to take action. We will quickly take action against those users.

If there are too many complaints against a specific user, our system will ban that user from the Chatear website.

We consider many facts before banning anyone from Chatear does not have sole responsibility for controlling spam and other vulgar activity. We also ask for your cooperation, as a user. We cannot remove offenders from Chatear without your support. We are committed to making this inter-cam chat service more enjoyable and fun with your support.